Faith is like walking down a winding trail, filled with growth, challenges, and moments of uncertainty. It is a journey. We don’t wake up one day with it, nor do we wake up one day without it. It’s like walking down a trail. Each day we travel further along. Each day brings new experiences. Our responses to the journey either strengthen or weaken our faith.

Consider the analogy of a trail system, offering paths of varying lengths, challenges, and destinations. Distinct markers guide hikers on their chosen path. Following these markers prevents one from getting lost. Don’t follow the markers and you may find yourself walking down the wrong path.

Faith isn’t much different. Faith has markers that guide us on the path of spiritual growth. Those markers may not be physical markers, though they can be, but they guide us.

Recognizing if you are on the right path is easy. If you are neglecting church, foregoing spiritual reading, or disregarding growth opportunities, you are not on the right path. If your actions do not reflect your faith, you know you are not following Jesus.

In John 10:1-18, Jesus portrays himself as the good shepherd. He leads, and the sheep follow, drawn by his voice and unwavering trust. In our faith journey, we know Jesus’ voice and teachings. The Shepherd’s voice resonates within, guiding us through life.

Just as the sheep distinguish their shepherd’s voice, we possess the ability to assess our spiritual progress. Our actions, words, and lifestyle reflect if we are listening to the voice we hear.

If we listen to the shepherd’s voice, we have clarity of the path we travel. We know we are on the path of faith. The key is to ensure we are following the markers of his voice, conviction, and guidance, heeding his teachings.

Heeding the teachings of the shepherd is the only way to reach faith’s destination. Jesus taught he was the way, the truth, and the life. He is the marker of the trail of faith that we journey. Let us keep our eyes upon him, our ears attuned to his voice, ensuring we are following the markers that tell us we are on the right path.

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Toby Lofton

Pastor, Teacher, Author.

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