January 28, 2024

Strengthen or Weaken Your House

Faith is a gift from God, but what we do with that gift does two things: it strengthens our faith or weakens our faith. This realization prompts us to reflect on the interplay between our faith, actions, and responsibility.

Taking Ownership of Faith

Our faith is not something that we simply have, with no effort on our part. Instead, its condition stems from the decisions we make and the steps we take. For a strong faith, we must act on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Dual Nature of Accountability

The condition of our faith is a direct reflection of our conscious actions, or lack thereof. We are responsible for both its creation or deterioration. In essence, the state of our faith is a mirror of our engagement with it.

The Power of Responsibility

Silently, neglect can erode our faith. The vitality of our faith declines when we fail to practice spiritual disciplines such as attending church, reading the Bible, and devoting ourselves to God. Just like a garden wilts without water, our faith will wither without intentional nourishment. Therefore, we must take responsibility to tend to our faith to keep it thriving.

Parable of the House: A Tale of Responsibility

The parable found in Matthew 12:43-45 sheds light on faith stewardship. In this parable, a house is used to symbolize our spirituality, which we nurture and maintain, just as we are responsible for a physical house. When we neglect our faith, it becomes vulnerable. Neglecting our faith is akin to leaving a house vacant and open to unwelcome occupants.

Filling the Void: Empowering Faith

To have a strong and active faith, we cannot be passive. We need to actively seek to fill ourselves with God's grace and wisdom. By positioning ourselves to receive these gifts, we can strengthen our faith and continue to grow closer to Him.

While God may gift us faith, our actions play a part. We must be responsible for what we have been given, especially if we seek a faith that thrives, glorifying our Father in heaven.


Toby Lofton

Pastor, Teacher, Author.

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