Growing in our faith can be challenging, especially when we struggle to pray more, read the Bible consistently, and serve others selflessly. However, we don't have to remain disheartened. By taking action and embracing God's vision, we can attain a higher level of faith.

One way to start is by acknowledging our spiritual shortcomings. This recognition helps us see that there are achievable goals we haven't reached yet. It's normal to feel frustrated when we know there's a better way to live spiritually. But instead of just complaining, we need to take action and pursue the faith we desire.

God has placed a yearning for something greater in our hearts for a reason. It's to bring us closer to Him and His plan for our lives. If we have this desire, it's attainable. Rather than lamenting what we lack, we can use this longing to motivate us to seek a deeper relationship with God.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, we learn that taking action is key to receiving God's favor. The Israelites were given a vision of a healthy and prosperous land where God's presence was felt. They had a choice: complain or make changes to experience God's blessings. Similarly, we also have a choice: complain about our faith or take steps to improve it. Complaining will leave us dissatisfied and unable to fulfill our purpose. But if we take action, we'll experience growth in our relationship with God. The decision is ours.

God wants us to have faith and fulfill our purpose. He has granted us a vision of an enriching relationship with Him. Let's conform our deeds to God's vision and unleash the power of faith to partake in the bountiful life He has prepared for us.