PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Book 1 of the Inspiring PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Looking to make your inquiries to the Almighty more effective? Learn to pray like the Son of God to connect more closely with His will. If you like insightful analysis, scripture-based advice, and reflective dialogue, then you’ll adore Dr. Toby Lofton’s life-changing book.

Book 2 of the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Is your church struggling to keep its doors open? Discover the prayers used by Jesus’s disciples so it can survive and thrive. If you like Bible-based advice, reflective discussion, and divine insight, then you’ll love Toby Lofton’s spiritual handbook.

Book 3 of the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Struggling to connect with your flock? Learn how to grow spiritually through the teachings of Paul. If you like lessons taken from scripture, spiritual growth, and firm but warm direction, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s inspirational resource.

Book 4 of the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Unclear how to support your minister? Discover exciting ways to pull from the Apostle Paul’s teachings to uplift your spiritual leader. If you like straightforward instruction, easily digested scripture, and heartfelt reverence for Christ, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s groundbreaking guide.

Book 5 of the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Had enough of the church and ready to move on? Wondering if pastoral ministry is right for you? In this groundbreaking guide, bestselling author and veteran pastor Dr. Toby Lofton shows you how a prayer of Moses can help you discern if resigning is following God for you.