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Resignation Monday: A Pastor's Guide to Not Quitting

Had enough of the church and ready to move on? Wondering if pastoral ministry is right for you? In this groundbreaking guide, bestselling author and veteran pastor Dr. Toby Lofton shows you how the Moses can help you discern if resigning is following God for you. Drawing from years of experience in pastoral ministry, Dr. Lofton offers practical advice and guidance on how to use this powerful prayer to remember your calling.

About Resignation monday

Resignation Monday is an inviting discussion on how to apply the principles of a conversation Moses had with God to those frustrating days of ministry. In this extensive, easy-to-follow study through scripture, Dr. Lofton takes you through the steps of looking to God’s ways to find direction for your life and ministry. Through self-discovery, soon you’ll be on the enriching path of pastoral leadership in His name.

You'll discover

  • How to tap into the transformative power of Moses’ prayer to enhance your relationship with God and your congregation
  • Practical tips and insights for enhancing your pastoral leadership and connecting more deeply with your flock
  • Ways to use the Moses’ prayer to overcome common pastoral challenges and struggles
  • Specific requests Moses used to lead the Israelites, and how they can be adapted for modern-day pastors
  • Learn how to pray for personal strength and resilience, just like Moses did, and much, much, more!

If you’re a pastor looking to deepen your relationship with God and enhance your leadership, even during trying moments, Resignation Monday is the guide you’ve been waiting for. With Dr. Lofton’s expert guidance and wisdom, you’ll be empowered to serve your congregation with renewed passion and purpose, and grow into the spiritual leader you were meant to be.

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