What if you could have the faith of your dreams? What if your faith could be everything you ever imagined, longed for, or wished for in your heart?  Do this. Take a moment, close

I suspect you are a person of faith. You love Jesus Christ. You seek to be a faithful disciple. Yet, you are not satisfied. You want to grow in your faith. Deep inside is

We can talk about the importance of prayer. Most Christians understand prayer is communication with God. Prayer is our way of talking with God. We praise in prayer. We confess. Thanksgiving and supplication are

Most people follow a similar path when they embark on “getting their lives right.” Christians are no exception, especially with “getting back to church.” I call this path “The Big Three.” Here are the

When we think of faith, we think about going to church, reading our Bible, and spending time in prayer. These are aspects of faith, but they are not faith in themselves. Faith is life.

Spiritual disciplines have existed for centuries. In Christianity, they have been around since the inception of the church. Because the Christian faith finds its foundation in Jewish roots, we can even acknowledge the spiritual

Let’s clear up the meaning of discipleship. A good way to clear up the confusion is to consider the suffix—“ship”. Here are a few ways this suffix is used. Internship—an internship describes a program

Question: What order should I read the PrecisionFaith books? Answer: A good year-long reading plan for PrecisionFaith Books is listed below. The books will not fill every day of your year, but they can

You love Jesus. You are committed to following Christ. Every single day, you pray. Bible reading starts every morning. You think about Christ most of the day. You share your faith with others. Nothing

There are a lot of things we do as Christians that aren’t actually helping us grow in our faith, at least not at the level they could. We were taught that we should do