Go to church. The three-word mandate that seems to be the answer for everything by everybody, including yourself. Want to grow in your faith? Go to church. Need to get your life straight? Go

Most people know the importance of studying scripture, praying daily, and striving to ensure the way they talk and act reflects their faith. Church attendance, small group meetings, and giving are well-known methods of

Susan attended a women's' spiritual retreat. Her church sponsored a weekend with Christ event. Susan attended and had the best time of her life. In her words, “I have never grown so much in

I love the disciples. They show me I am going to fail in faith. Peter failed. Peter denied Jesus three times, even though he said he would not deny him. Jesus called him Satan

April 29th marks the one-year anniversary of Praying for Your Pastor: A Church Member’s Guide Every Pastor Should Read. Praying for Your Pastor was an exciting book to write. Researching the Apostle Paul’s prayers

This is the second article in this series. We begin the series by discussing how as a new Christian we are eager to learn about Christ. We want nothing more than to be the

When you first became a Christian, you probably gobbled up every piece of information you could about Jesus. After all, you had a desire to be the best Christian you could be. If someone

One of the primary principles of faith is to believe that with God all things are possible. The Bible reminds us of this principle throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This

If I ask you to show me your financial portfolio, you would be able to show me. For some people that might simply be showing me their checkbook ledger, but you would still be

What is your oblation?   For many, oblation is a strange word. Oblation was an odd word for me when I first heard it spoken.   The first time I heard the word oblation,