Imagine Imagine God spoke to you. God told you to go to a specific place that overlooked your community. Obediently you follow God’s command. You get up from what you are doing. You travel

Who Do People Say You Are? Jesus once asked that question of his disciples. Jesus wanted to know what people thought of him. Jesus also asked his disciples who they thought he was also.

I strive for comfort thinking that will bring me peace, believing contentment means happiness. Yet, I feel most alive when I am taking risks. While fear and uncertainty are present, I find peace and

The way you live your life today - your choices, your thoughts, your actions, what you do or do not do, indicates how you live your faith. You have today to practice your faith.

Action! Not Words In 1983 Def Leppard released an album with the song, Action! Not Words, included. The words, “Action! Not words” are repeated in the chorus repeatedly. While the song begins referring to

What is the end of discipleship? What is the purpose? When a teacher is discipling another Christian, what is the teacher trying to accomplish? First, three things a teacher is not trying to accomplish:

What does it mean to follow Jesus today? I like reflecting upon the early disciples of Jesus. I try to visualize what discipleship was like for them. Hearing Jesus call to follow him. Leaving

I am excited to announce the release of Praying For Your Pastor: A Church Member's Guide Every Pastor Should Read. Praying For Your Pastor is the fourth book in the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series. This

Want to grow in your faith but the task seems overwhelming? Think to yourself that faith is out of your reach? Consider the following two stories: 1. God called Abraham to leave the region

Like church jokes? Want to play a joke on your church? Here is a good joke to play on your church:  Go to church earlier than you normally do. Don't walk in at the last minute.