Newest Release

Recognizing Jesus in Your Everyday Life

Walking in faith but feel something is missing? Learn where to look to experience Christ in the modern world.

PrecisionFaith Prayer Series

Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray

The prayers of Jesus are not anything like what you hear in church. Learn to pray like Jesus.

Acts: Prayer That Can Change Your Church

Love your church but its shrinking rather than expanding? Discover the prayers used by Jesus’s disciples so it can survive and thrive.

Praying for Your Pastor: A Church Member's Guide Every Pastor Should Read

Unclear how to support your minister? Discover exciting ways to pull from the Apostle Paul’s teachings to uplift your spiritual leader.

Praying for Your People: A Pastor's Guide Every Christian Should Read

Want to see your people grow in their faith? Learn how to pray for their relationship with God through the teachings of Paul.

PrecisionFaith Devotional Series

Spirituality Made Simple: An Advent Journey into Spiritual Growth

Struggling to grow spiritually? Discover an easy-to-follow approach needing only 15 minutes a day that can bring clarity in your faith.

Faith Made Simple: A Christmas Journey into Belief

Want to celebrate Christmas?  Discover a whole new way to celebrate the birth of Christ this year!

Christ Made Simple: An Epiphany Journey into Identity

Struggling to understand your Christian identity? Discover who you are through the identity of Christ.

Other Books

Psalms of a Sinner

A collection of the author's personal reflections on the Psalms of the Bible. In an attempt to be real with God and himself, Dr. Lofton wrote each of the Psalms in a very personal way revealing the struggle between sinfulness and faithfulness.