February 12, 2024

A Simple Path to Spiritual Growth

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The path we often take in pursuit of spirituality is that of a roller coaster. Emotions, doubts, and questions fill the path we often take, leaving us frustrated and unfulfilled. However, a simple path exists that can guide us towards a faith that is not just unwavering but life-changing. This path is built on one thing: honesty with ourselves.

Faithful people are honest, courageously admitting their current state of faith. This is the starting point. This transparency doesn't stem from weakness but from strength—the strength to acknowledge where you stand and where you wish to be. We are not alone in this discernment. God has given us help.

John 16:13 reminds us of the Holy Spirit's pivotal role in our lives—an illuminator of truth, a revealer of the self. It's through the Spirit's whispers, convictions, and instructions that we gain an intimate understanding of who we are. What the Spirit tells us transforms us. It becomes the path we follow toward a closer relationship with Christ.

Accepting the truth about ourselves is an act of liberation. It's the key that unlocks the door to a smoother, more purposeful journey following Christ. When we embrace what the Spirit tells us, we allow ourselves to be molded by Christ's teachings and love. Refusing to acknowledge these truths, on the other hand, only adds unnecessary obstacles to our path.

Once we acknowledge the truth, a beautiful transformation occurs within us. We know what we need to do so we can walk closer to Jesus. Where the Spirit says repent, we change. That which it says embrace, we adopt immediately. We see the truth clearly, and we walk into it, opening the door to a deeper, more profound faith.

The road to transformed faith is illuminated by the light of truth about ourselves, guided by the Holy Spirit, and enriched by the willingness to accept what God says and follow it. Choose the path that leads you closer to Christ, and in doing so, find the transformative faith you seek.

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