September 14, 2021

E + R = O

Robert Resnick coined the formula above. The formula stands for Event + Response = Outcome.

Of the three parts of the formula, you can only control one of them. You can only control the response. 

Life happens. Events happen. There are things beyond your control.

Your response to the events you do control. You decide. 

How you respond affects the outcome. You can change the outcome but only through your response. 

Applying the formula to faith is simple. If you do not like the outcome your faith is producing in your life, the place to look is your response to life.

Who are your serving? What are you doing? When do you worship? Where are the fruits of the spirit? Why do you react the way you do?

Change your responses in ways conducive to spiritual development and the outcome of your faith changes. 

If everything is gloom and doom to you, stop dwelling on bad things. Do what the Apostle Paul taught and dwell upon that which is honorable and good. Your outlook on life will change.

The majority of the teachings of Jesus dealt with our responses to events in life. He taught us how to be the salt and light. He taught us how to react when mistreated. He told us how to be part of his family. He shared stories and parables demonstrating the correct way to live a life of faith. 

Jesus also called us to change (repent). He was calling us to change our responses to God, others, and even ourselves. Why? So we could live a life of promise, hope, and holiness, today and in eternity.

Want a different faith? Follow the formula. Change your responses. 

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