Don’t leave your faith to chance! Take responsibility for your faith. 

Faith is a gift from God. But what you do with that gift is up to you. 

Jesus used several parables to teach us about responsibility. 

One parable Jesus taught was about a master who gave money to each of his servants according to their abilities. The two who took responsibility and invested that money was rewarded. The one who buried the money given him was not.

So how can you be responsible for your faith?

For starters, understand that your faith is not going to grow on its own. You must nurture your faith. One way to nurture your faith is by reading about the faith lives of others. Reading about the faith of others feeds your soul.

A second way is to develop a faith practice ritual that you do each morning. A faith practice ritual could be a simple prayer. It could be a short devotional. Start your day acknowledging God. 

A third method is to intentionally say something about God’s grace and mercy to at least one person each day. The gift of faith was not meant to keep to yourself. Share your faith.

Paul taught faith, hope, and love always remain. Other things come and go, like your car, your house, and your money. Yet, look how responsible we act with them. Be as responsible, better yet more responsible, with your faith. After all, faith is eternal.

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