January 15, 2023

Who Are You?

by Toby Lofton in Reflections0 Comments

According to Japanese legend, the mirror is the most treasured power in the world. The mirror is most treasured as it represents self-knowledge.

Socrates stated, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

Of course, all the knowledge in the world, even about yourself, will not do you any good unless you act on what you know. Acting on what you know is called wisdom. A wise person acts on what he knows. That makes him wise.

What do you know about yourself? Do you know yourself?

Maybe it is time for you to look into a mirror.

The season of Epiphany began January 6th. Epiphany is the season of the Christian year that focuses on the identity of Christ. It is the revelation of just who this tiny baby born in a manger is.

Hint (as if you don’t know): The baby wrapped in swaddling clothing is more than an adorable, tiny boy. He is the Son of God.

While the identity of Jesus is important and worthy of devotion and study, what is powerful is how the identity of Jesus affects your identity.

Epiphany can be as much about discovering yourself as it is about discovering Jesus. If you discover Jesus, embracing what you find, your identity changes. Like Jesus, you become a child a God.

I challenge you, in these early days of a new year, to reflect upon who you are as a child of God. This is who you are as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the world will try to persuade us otherwise. Sometimes we tell ourselves differently as well. But Christ has given us the power to be children of God.