June 8, 2021

I strive for comfort thinking that will bring me peace, believing contentment means happiness.

Yet, I feel most alive when I am taking risks. While fear and uncertainty are present, I find peace and a peculiar sense of joy. My soul says, “Yes, this is where you are to be. This is what you shall do.”

As one adventure ends, my spirit begins searching for the next. As God teaches one lesson, I am already looking toward another.

We surround ourselves with objects and things, believing once we obtain them, we can live. We fortify our homes, alarm systems, locks, windows, complete with everything we need to make us comfortable. Chairs. Couches. Beds, Temperature control. Television, cable, and internet, allowing us to bring a fictional world into our homes – tricking ourselves that it is reality.

“Yes, there on the screen, that is life. That is reality. See, I am keeping up with the world. I am in touch with reality. Ah yes, this is life.”

But, this is not life. Deceived yet again.

Life is outside our barricades; even those we create in our minds.

That which we build calling it life is the very thing that is preventing us from being alive.

So throw me into the deep, push me out into the waters. Frigid. Cold. Wind. Waves. Send me into the world where life can be found.

For I would rather die while living, than to not live at all.

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