Do you find yourself always saying yes to demands and requests from others, even if they pull you away from your own goals and relationship with God? You can overcome this struggle with intentionality and practice.

To live out your faith and pursue your vision, you must prioritize your calendar. It reflects your priorities, and if you don't guard it, others will fill it with their own. Identify your vision, purpose, and "why" to navigate your calendar.

Saying no can be tough, but it's essential to realize that it's saying yes to your own vision and purpose. It's self-care and self-preservation, not selfishness.

Even Jesus said no on two significant occasions. He prioritized his mission over immediate demands by retreating to pray and delaying his arrival to heal Lazarus to reveal God's glory.

True friends will understand and support your need to protect your calendar and stay focused on your vision.

Your calendar is a precious resource, so protect it. By mastering the art of saying no when necessary, you can pursue the calling God has placed on your life.