In a world that often dictates its own norms and standards, the importance of believing in oneself cannot be understated. This principle resonates even more profoundly for those who have chosen to believe in God—a belief that shapes our perspective on life and purpose.

The Bible, and life, are filled with people who believed in themselves, what they were doing, resulting from their faith in God. From the young King-to-be David to compassionate souls like Mother Teresa, their stories underscore the significance of self-confidence derived from God. Their unwavering belief in their God-given call and purpose not only propelled them forward but also captivated the admiration of others.

However, the very essence that makes God inspired self-believers remarkable can also make them appear unsettling to the world. These individuals don't always conform to established norms, often charting uncharted waters with their audacious ideas and actions, like taking on a giant or giving up wealth to serve others. The world, accustomed to predictable control, can find such divergence from the norm unsettling. A paradox emerges—while society craves such inspiration, it can also fear it.

But, such are the stories of individuals who dared to break the mold and follow God. Abraham's departure from his family, Joseph's dreams, and the disciples leaving everything serve as reminders that God's chosen often defy conventions. Prophets who spoke against kings, and figures like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who defied unjust laws, reveal the tension between faith and nonconformity.

Ironically, what the world resists—the individuals who believe in themselves and their purpose—is what the world desperately needs. Amidst the chaos and conformity, believers who act bring a refreshing perspective and catalyze progress. They become the change agents, challenging stagnant systems with powerful transformation.

The importance of believing in oneself is not about self-centered pursuit. It is actually the opposite. It is about denying ourselves and aligning with God's design and purpose for our lives. It is a partnership between us and God. When these two forces intersect, action becomes a natural consequence. As the saying goes, "Faith without works is dead." When we believe in who God created us to be and act on that belief, we mirror the results of a true believer.

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