October 29, 2020

In the years 2013 and 2014, I experienced an enormous growth spurt in my faith. I was part of a program that enabled me to assess and analyze my religious beliefs to a depth that I had never done before.  It was a year of integrating spirituality into the rest of my life.

That was seven years ago. My life has changed since then. The season of my life is different today. My faith has grown. I live in a different community. I pastor a different church. Society has changed as well. The things I watch on TV are different. The books published are different. The hot-topics of our age aren’t the same. Seven years ago seems like a long time.

Even though we may experience great spiritual growth in a certain season, life changes. You change. Society changes. Most everything changes. This is why it is so important for you to be part of a church. Here are five reasons for you to be part of a community of faith.

1. Because your life is going to change.

Your life is going to change. You are going to age. You will progress through the seasons of life (some go kicking and screaming but go they will).

The issues of society will change. I never imagined the political environment would be such as it is today. Nor did I imagine many of the other challenges we are facing (pandemic, protest, riots).

A community of faith can help you go through the changes of life.

2. Because you want an edge against sin.

Iron sharpens iron. Participating in a church (even if online), helps you gain an edge against sin. Our faith continuously needs sharpening. Every time you hear someone else pray, talk about faith, or sing a song, you are being sharpened.

Staying sharp keeps you alert to the temptations of Satan and enables you to cut through the deceit.

3. Because you don’t know everything.

I’ve been a pastor for over twenty-years. I am still learning. Practically every time I open the Word of God or hear someone speak about faith, I learn something new. Sometimes it may be a new perspective or application, but I learn.

Being part of a church gives you that.

4. Because you need to “work out” your salvation.

Paul taught to work out your salvation. I think of the physical fitness comparison. Our body needs exercise to remain as healthy as possible. Oh, you don’t have to lift 500 pounds. You just need movement.

Going to church is movement. You are exercising your faith. You may not come out with heroic strength, but you are engaging your faith muscles which is good for you.

5. Because you want to grow in your faith.

Attend church if for no other reason that you want to grow in your faith. Sure, there are hundreds of other ways you can grow in your faith. Church is just one of them. Use all your tools to grow in your faith.

The benefit of a church is that others are going there too. They bring with them their tools also. There, like-minded people share their tools with one another.

Participating in a church is what gives an edge to literally millions of Christians every day. There is no question you need one. Every Christian does.

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