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Jesus held some powerful spiritual gifts. Jesus had the power to heal (Matthew 8). Jesus had the power to calm nature (Mark 4:35-41). Jesus knew the thoughts of others (Matthew 9:4). Jesus had knowledge and wisdom. Jesus was a great teacher. Jesus was a mentor and guide. Of course, Jesus was God incarnate, but we see the gifts of the spirit manifested in Jesus.

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New! Discover Your Identity In Christ

You are a Christian. But what does that mean? Better yet, what does being a Christian look like? The Bible reveals the marks of a Christian. The Apostles taught the characteristics of a follower a Jesus. We should not be surprised to discover our identity is wrapped up in the identity of Christ. Christ Made Simple: An Epiphany Journey into Identity is the third installment in the PrecisionFaith Devotional Series. 

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Here's how:

  1. 1
    Tell someone about Jesus every week. Disciples of Jesus are in the business of going into the world and making disciples. Yes, it's uncomfortable and hard. I know. But Jesus commanded us to tell others about his teachings. Be bold and have courage. Share your faith.
  2. 2
    Talk about faith with your Christian friends. Faith should be a normal topic amongst Christians. Spend more time talking about spiritual development than you do other things. Yes, they are your friends and you have a lot in common that you like to discuss. Just make sure your conversation includes faith.
  3. 3
    If you use social media, post daily about faith, Christ, and other Christian themes. Yes, we like to know what you are up to and enjoy the selfies and family photos. But social media is an opportunity to share your faith. Message a scripture. Post a meme about Jesus. You never know who might need something encouraging.