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If a man has the opportunity to live his life with God, in the fulness of God his creator, as God intended him to be, giving him abundance, happiness, joy, and peace, that not only influences his life, but all others, that man has no right to say no.
If God, through the hands of men, has written a book that guides that man on how to live his life with God, in the fulness of God his creator, as God intended that man to live, bringing abundance, happiness, joy, and peace to that man’s life, that not only influences that man’s life, but all others that man will come into contact with, that man has no right to not follow that book, deciding he will follow his own will, his own guesses, his own thoughts, or his own ideas.

God invites you to experience a life of joy and purpose. To help you on your journey, He has given you His Word, the Bible, as a guide. The Bible is God’s written revelation to the world, revealing His will, plans, and purposes. It contains an abundance of wisdom and knowledge to guide you in living a life that honors Him.

The Bible is a book of instruction, examples, stories, principles, and teachings that millions of people have used to discover true faith. Rather than a book of ideas, it serves as a source of guidance and direction. The Bible offers wisdom and understanding, as well as hope and comfort. Through its pages, you can explore the depths of faith and discover God’s plan for your life. It is an invaluable resource that can lead you to a deeper understanding of God and His plan for you.

For the past fifty-six years, the Bible has shaped my upbringing and guided my life. Though I haven’t always followed its teachings, I have noticed that when I do; it filled my life with joy and happiness. Even when I had to admit I sinned and needed to ask for forgiveness, the experience proved greater than any other alternative.

Though we cannot know the exact number of Bibles printed, experts estimate it to be around 5-7 billion copies. Publishers print one hundred million more copies annually. Translators have translated the Bible into over 700 languages, with the New Testament alone being translated into over 1,500 languages. The Bible’s position as the best-selling book ever is not surprising, given its transformative impact on more lives than any other book on earth.

So the question is, do you want your life transformed? Would you like to have a life of abundance, joy, and peace that God promises? Would you like to discover how you can live the faith of your dreams?

If so, the Bible is your guide.

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Take Responsibility for Your Faith

You must take responsibility for your faith. You cannot change the circumstances of life. Changing others in not possible. But you can change yourself.

Take Responsibility for Your Faith

You must take responsibility for your faith. You cannot change the circumstances of life. Changing others is not possible. But you can change yourself.

In church culture, there is a common belief that faith will simply happen. Many people think that by attending church a few times a month, reading a daily devotional occasionally, and saying a prayer before bed, their faith will grow. However, this is a myth. To make matters worse, some individuals even confuse these actions as having genuine faith.

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In my own words...

Every biblical principle within this book has shaped my life and brought me to where I am today.
Following God's Word is the key to living the faith of your dreams. The problem is most people don't. They know what the Bible says, but struggle to integrate it into their life. My prayer is that this collection can change that.

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