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"A disciple is one who adheres to and spreads the message of another."

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Sound familiar?

If you’re like most Christians, you have a desire to grow in your faith. You are committed to discipleship. But you are not satisfied with simply going to church. You want to thrive as a disciple of Christ.  

  • You want to be excited about Jesus.
  • You want confidence in your faith.
  • You want to know without question that you are living your life as God wants for you.
  • You want your faith to influence your relationships with family and friends.
  • You want to learn to be the disciple Christ has called you to be – making other disciples.

Simply put, you want more. If this is you, this site is for you.

Discipleship Articles

About Toby

Hi! My name is Toby Lofton. I am a pastor, author, and retired US Army Chaplain.  

My passion is to help people grow in their faith, particularly people like “Mike.” 

Mike is a Christian. He does what  most Christians do. Mike goes to church, reads his Bible, prays, and from time to time, he helps others. 

Mike is frustrated though. You see, Mike’s experience with discipleship is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get until you bite into one. Sometimes you may like it, sometimes not. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the chocolates are placed in the box nor does anyone tell you what order to eat them in. This has been Mike’s experience of faith and church.  

I want to help Mike. Mike, of course, could be anyone. So, I write a blogs, articles, and books that provide a precise and intentional method of helping people to grow in their faith. 

I currently pastor Petal United Methodist Church in Petal, Mississippi. Apart from helping others grow in their faith, I like the outdoors. 

I am married, have three children, six grandchildren, and one on the way! 

Got questions? Want to discuss discipleship? Contact Toby below.