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Ready For Spiritual Growth?

Study to prove yourself

Step 1: Learn the Faith Principles

  • The Faith Principles covers six areas of life that affect your faith
  • Fifty-one biblical principles that will help you have the faith you desire

Step 2: Put the Principles to Work

  • Use the companion workbook to develop your faith plan
  • 230+ pages of guided questions and reflections
Lay your plans before God
Reflect Daily

Step 3: Devote Yourself

  • The Faith Principles Daily Devotional helps you stay focused on your faith
  • More than a year's worth of devotions based on the scriptures

Step 4: Stay Focused

  • Use daily affirmations to change the way you think
  • Over 290 affirmations you can use to remind yourself of what God says about you.
 Renewed into the mind of Christ

Hi, I'm Toby Lofton.

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PrecisionFaith is here to help you have the faith you desire deep within. You know, the faith desire that makes you say, "If only." I want to help you make your faith-vision a reality.

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