Have you ever read the Psalms and realized that while the Psalms are beautiful and powerful that there was still a lot you couldn’t relate to in your life?

Well, that was my story as well. When I read verses from the Psalms where the Psalmist claims to have no sin, I couldn’t relate to that. I know my sin all too well. I couldn’t relate to the Psalmist when he states that he has always sought God. I know that I haven’t. While I know the history of the “Bulls of Bashan” and the “Trees of Lebanon”, they didn’t really mean much to me in the context of where I live. I also haven’t had anyone sitting at the gates of the city trying to kill me.

On the other hand, I do know what it means to be a sinner. I know what it means to struggle to follow Jesus – the rise and fall, the ups and downs, the victories and defeats. My biggest enemies aren’t people trying to kill me, but sin and temptations that I fight more often than I desire.

Psalms of a Sinner tells that struggle. It is my personal reflections on each of the Psalms in relation to my attempt to follow God. I am publishing the book because once I had completed it, I realized how helpful it might be to others, who like me, aren’t the perfect saints. Prayerfully it can help you as well.


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“...this different way of speaking provides an authentic message. "

"I have begun several times in my life to read the Psalms through, but rarely get very far. This time I made it clear through."

Rebecca S. Winner

More About the Book

What it is:

Psalms of a Sinner is the author's personal reflections on each of the Psalms.

What it is not:

Psalms of a Sinner is not a commentary or study on the book of Psalms. 

Why read it:

Psalms of a Sinner provides a unique approach to the Psalms of the Bible, providing a new way of meditating on each Psalm in a very personal way. 

About the Author

Dr. Toby Lofton

Toby Lofton is a pastor with over twenty years experience. He is a retired US Army Chaplain, certified Clinical Pastor, and former Adjunct Professor of biblical studies. 

He loves to help others grow in their faith through discipleship that produces life-changing results.

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