Looking to increase your awareness of God? Too busy to see God? 

Follow these two steps to increase your relationship with God:

1. Let go

Let go of the things in your life that do not help you grow in your faith. You do not have to release all of them. Start with one thing. 

If you are a television hound, let go of one thirty minute sitcom. Unless you are using the show to reflect upon spiritual themes, the show is hindering your growth in God. Let go of the show. 

2. Replace with God 

Replace the event you let go of with something that will enhance your Christian walk. This does not have to be elaborate. Start with something simple.

Take a walk admiring God’s creation. Read a book on faith. There are many Christian media productions available today. Replace the not-so-godly sitcom with a Christ-centered series. 


A word of caution is in order. If you do step 1, you must do step 2. Why? 

Jesus told a parable about a man that had cleaned his house and put it in order. Because the man did not fill it with something holy, the evil spirits returned with seven others. Now, the man’s house was in worse condition than before. 

Removing things from your life will not benefit your life if you are not replacing what you remove with Godly things. Making time to simply add yet another thing that does not help you grow in your faith defeats the purpose.

Growing in your awareness of God is easy. We make our relationship with God more difficult than it actually is.

Follow these two steps, Let Go - Replace With God, and grow in your relationship with God.

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