Simple Spiritual Growth!

Struggling to squeeze Christ into your itinerary? Time-poor but hungry to feed your soul? Trying to find a way to juggle the mundane with your devotion to God?

Discover new ways that even those with the fullest plate can grow spiritually.


What’s Inside the Book?

4 Plain Truths

Use these 4 truths to aid you in your faith pilgrimage.

6 Simple Tweaks

Implement these 6 simple steps to increase your awareness of God.

28 Daily Spiritual Devotionals

28 Advent reflections that will keep you looking for the coming of Christ. 

About the Author

Toby Lofton

Dr. Toby Lofton is a pastor, retired military chaplain, and a person with a passion for Christ. Throughout his journey with Christ, Toby's mission is to help others discover discipleship as Jesus taught in the Gospels. 

Start experiencing spiritual growth today!