Psalms of a Sinner

Do you find the Psalms beautiful but struggle to relate to them? Let one minister’s personal reflections help you hear God’s message.


Psalms of a sinner

Do you read the songs of praise toward God regularly, only to feel you fall short of His desires? Think these tributes to our Lord have nothing to do with your life? Wish you knew how to turn these gorgeous poems of worship into positive change? Army Chaplain and former Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies Toby Lofton has spent 22 years ministering as one of God’s imperfect messengers. Now he’s here to share how the teachings of the Psalmists can help you in your personal battle against temptation.

About Psalms

Psalms of a Sinner offers readers intimate insights into the lessons God wants you to learn from the words of His saints. With an easy-to-follow format, Lofton invites you on his journey toward spiritual connection through reading and meditating on each verse. By sharing in this process, you’ll surmount your shortcomings and strengthen your relationship with God.

You'll discover

  • How a stronger bond with God can help release you from your sins and better understand His faithfulness
  • A new method for reflecting on your favorite passages to gain insight into God’s plans
  • Acceptance of your imperfections so they no longer hinder your faith journey
  • New wisdom from familiar scriptures that will deepen your relationship with the Lord
  • A deeper understanding of God’s awesome love for you, and much, much more!

Psalms of a Sinner is an introspective Christian meditation book. If you like honest confessions and contemporary translations, then you’ll adore Toby Lofton’s reflective devotional.

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