Discover How to Pray for Your People!

Love your congregation and want to pray for them effectively? Want to see the spirituality of your parish expand? Striving to be the best pastor you can be?

Learn how to pray for their relationship with God through the teachings of Paul.


What’s Inside the Book?

Six prayers of gratitude

Paul was grateful. Learn to be grateful for the things Paul was grateful for in his people. 

Six prayers on behalf of your people

Learn to ask God to give your people these 6 things and why you should ask for them. 

The importance of what you pray

Learn why what you pray has significant impact on the lives of your church members.

About the Author

Toby Lofton

Dr. Toby Lofton is the Founder of PrecisionFaith, a platform that helps others to follow Jesus Christ. He lives in Mississippi with his family, where he pastors, coaches, and leads in faith formtaion. Throughout his journey with Christ, Toby has learned his mission is to help others discover discipleship as Jesus taught in the Gospels. 

Start today praying for your flock!