Praying for Your People

Struggling to connect with your flock? Learn how to grow spiritually through the teachings of Paul.


Praying for Your People

Do you long to infuse your congregation with the word of the Almighty? Are you a Christian leader seeking to fill your people’s hearts with passion? Are you at a loss on how to pray for the betterment of all? Retired Army chaplain, adjunct professor, and pastoral minister for over twenty-two years, Dr. Toby Lofton has helped thousands develop their conviction utilizing leadership, counseling, coaching, and essays published through Precision Faith. Now he’s here to show you how to follow the Apostle Paul’s example to appreciate every individual, beseech God for wisdom and knowledge, and overflow with gratitude.

About Praying for Your People

Praying for Your People: A Pastor's Guide Every Christian Should Read is a practical manual to help you understand how to intensify the relationship between your assembly and Christ. Written with respect and compassion, Dr. Lofton draws from the Bible, personal experience, and interviews to shepherd you along the path to inspiring daily worship. By exploring Paul’s letters to the churches and seeing through the eyes of others in your shoes, you’ll soon brim with insight into the Holy Spirit.

You'll discover

  • Six aspects of cultivating a deep appreciation for your fellows
  • Supplications to ask God to bestow upon others to strengthen their spirits
  • The power to change the way you see others and help them grow using reverence
  • Guidance toward filling yourself with the joy of your calling
  • Step-by-step methods to incorporate Paul’s practices, and much, much more!

Praying for Your People: A Pastor's Guide Every Christian Should Read is an insightful standalone book to help ministers and their followers expand their devotion. If you like lessons taken from scripture, spiritual growth, and firm but warm direction, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s inspirational resource.

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