Discover How to Pray for Your Pastor!

Are you passionate about strengthening your church? Do you see your earthly shepherd stumbling and long to infuse them with the power of prayer? Are you eager to elevate your congregation by helping to strengthen their leadership?

Discover exciting ways to pull from the Apostle Paul’s teachings to uplift your spiritual leader.


What’s Inside the Book?

Seven prayer requests of Paul

Learn the prayer requests Paul made for himself to the churches and why he made them.   

How to pray for your pastor

Learn how to pray the requests of Paul for your pastor and the difference they can make in your church.

Ways to support your pastor

Learn ways you can support your pastor in the battle for souls. 

About the Author

Toby Lofton

Dr. Toby Lofton is the Founder of PrecisionFaith, a platform that helps others to follow Jesus Christ. With over twenty years in church leadership, pastoral counseling, and discipleship mentoring, Toby currently lives in Mississippi. Throughout his journey with Christ, Toby has learned his mission is to help others discover discipleship as Jesus taught in the Gospels. 

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