Want to improve your faith and increase your discipleship but have limited time in your day? Build your faith around these three simple but effective spiritual practices. Do one-a-day. Repeat the cycle. 

Day 1 - Practice 1: Talk to God on your way to work. 

Talking to God on your way to work uses zero time in your day. Rather than listening to music as you drive or commute, talk to God instead. Simply tell God about your day as you go on your way.  

Nothing magical or religious here. No specific prayer or words you must say. Just tell God what you have to do that day and ask God to help.  

If you really want to transform this time, see how many things you can give God thanks for.  

Day 2 - Practice 2: Do one thing for somebody else. 

Find a way to help someone else during your day. What you do is unlimited.  

Call a friend. Encourage someone else. Help a co-worker. Buy someone’s lunch. Pay it forward in the drive thru. Do a task for someone else. Say a kind word. Pick up that trash you see as you walk into the office. Open the door for somebody else. Allow someone to go ahead of you.  

How does this practice grow your faith? Simple. You are doing it because of your faith. You will know in your heart and mind that you are doing this deed because God calls you to be such a person. If more people would practice this little step the world would be a better place.  

Day 3 – Practice 3: Enjoy your family or a friend.  

Make time to enjoy your family or a friend. The key is to enjoy, appreciate, and be thankful.  

Regardless of you are watching your kids play a sport, spending time winding down while watching TV, eating dinner with your friend, be conscious of all the things that you appreciate about them. 

This practice doesn’t have to be a full-blown hour event. Just take a few minutes observing your family or friend and be thankful.  

Remember, great results can come from the most simple things. Try these for a few days or a couple of weeks and see what happens. 

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