Discover How to Pray With Jesus!

A 21-day devotional that can change the way you pray for the rest of your life. This prayer book will transform your understanding of discipleship and bring your prayer life in line with God's purpose for every disciple of Jesus.

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I liked the list of ideas for praying so well that I have printed them out to put above my computer.

Rebecca S Winner

“The prayers Jesus prayed aren’t the typical prayers we hear in church or pray ourselves. They are much different. Focused. Intentional. Purposeful Prayer. They are much more than just devotional prayer.”


What’s Inside the Book?

Be a Blessing

Learn how to be a blessing to every person you encounter.

Commit Yourself to God

Understand that as a disciple you are sent. You are sent to tell others about eternal life - knowing God and His Son. Commit yourself to God and this mission.

The Longest Prayer

6 devotionals addressing the longest prayer of Jesus. Applying this prayer to your discipleship will change the understanding of your purpose as a disciple.

About the Author

Dr. Toby Lofton

Toby Lofton is a pastor with over twenty years experience. He is a retired US Army Chaplain, certified Clinical Pastor, and former Adjunct Professor of biblical studies. 

He loves to help others grow in their faith through discipleship that produces life-changing results.

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