Believe in Christ!

Afraid the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the holiday rat race? Struggling to grow spiritually? Don’t have 90 minutes a day for a workbook? 

Learn a simple method to help you enrich your belief in Christ during Christmas.


What’s Inside the Book?

Faith Explained

How does faith develop and why it seems like you struggle?

4 Faith Principles

Understanding these 4 principles can build confidence in your faith.

12 Daily Christmas Devotionals

12 Christmas reflections that can bring new meaning to celebrating the birth of Christ.

About the Author

Toby Lofton

Dr. Toby Lofton is a pastor, retired military chaplain, and a person with a passion for Christ. Throughout his journey with Christ, Toby's mission is to help others discover discipleship as Jesus taught in the Gospels. 

Start celebrating the birth of Jesus today!