Discipleship Made Simple

Looking to take your discipleship to the next level? Discover how to walk closer to Jesus.


Discipleship Made Simple:

A Lenten Journey Into Following Jesus

Christian experience lacking? Faith not what you want it to be? Want Lent to be more meaningful this year? Pastor, preacher, teacher, Dr. Toby Lofton has coached Christian disciples to a deeper understanding of their relationship with Jesus. And now he’s here to share his insights for living into your Christian discipleship.

About Discipleship Made Simple

Discipleship Made Simple: A Lenten Journey into Following Jesus is an easy-to-follow daily devotional that helps you realize what it means to be a disciple. Filled with scriptural references, Dr. Lofton’s inspirational resource provides insight into the invitation to Christian discipleship. By understanding the meaning of discipleship, you’ll understand what it means to follow the one you love.


You'll discover

  • What is a disciple
  • Why discipleship is important
  • What Jesus taught about following him
  • How the Apostles understood faith in action
  • Daily devotions for every day of the Lenten season complete with scripture readings, personal reflections, and ways to live out your faith!

Discipleship Made Simple: A Lenten Journey into Following Jesus is the fourth uplifting installment in the PrecisionFaith devotional series. If you like introspective guidance, Biblical teaching, and discipleship coaching, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s comprehensive resource.

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