April 19, 2021

Like church jokes? Want to play a joke on your church?

Here is a good joke to play on your church: 

  1. Go to church earlier than you normally do. Don't walk in at the last minute. In fact, try to be the first person there. 
  2. Stand at the entrance and greet everyone that enters.
  3. Treat the church property as sacred. 
  4. See something that needs picked up, pick it up. 
  5. See something not in its proper place, put it where it goes. 
  6. See something not right for the season of the year, fix it. 
  7. Look for one thing that needs doing and do it. 
  8. Go out of your way to speak to everyone; especially those you are not well acquainted with.
  9. After church, be the last person to leave. Ensure you speak with people as they depart.
  10. Wave at the next to last car to drive off the parking lot (Your car will be last).

Do not be surprised when you have a sensation of a blessing. 

You will probably find yourself laughing, as you realize the joke was not on the church. The joke was on you. 

All this time you were waiting on life to come to your church, when God was waiting on you to come to life.  

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