One of the primary principles of faith is to believe that with God all things are possible. The Bible reminds us of this principle throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

  • This principle is conveyed in scriptures by Mary at the announcement of the future birth of Jesus. 
  • It was spoken by God to Abraham at the declaration that Sarah would have a child.
  • Jesus himself proclaimed it regarding the possibility of who might be saved.
  • The prophet Jeremiah proclaimed on more than one occasion that nothing was too hard for God. Job knew that God could do all things.
  • The Apostle Paul stated he could do all thing through the one who strengthened him.

The principle of all things is possible with God is not just a cute saying. It is biblical and factual.

Who would have thought that Hudson Taylor would successfully introduce Christianity in China?

Who would have imagined John Wesley would change the world with Holy Societies?

What about Rick Warren building an incredible ministry starting with only seven people and now reaching millions daily?

These are big names, but what about all the little ones. How many times has a young child started a program in their school that gained national attention? Interesting how often these programs involve caring for others in need.

How many local outreach programs begin in a Sunday School classroom and now have major ministries in their communities reaching hundreds and thousands every day and week.

What about the numerous people who have seen a need in their community, met that need, having it morph into enormous programs.

The point is that with God, not only are all things possible, but they also become reality.

Two years ago, I wrote a simple book about the prayers of Jesus. I never imagined the book would be sold in six countries. I would have never thought the book would impact thousands of people’s lives. I never dreamed the book would be used in conferences and studied by churches. I certainly never thought the book would be a #1 Bestseller and remain on a top ten list for as long as it has.

All I knew was that I had stumbled on something that needed to be shared. I should not say stumbled. Rather that God had shown me something that changed the way that I prayed. As a result, I wrote about what I had learned. I never set out for the book to become what it has today.

Here is what I have found. Most people never set out to create something huge. All they want to do is be faithful to God. God gives them something. God places something in their heart. God opens their eyes to see a need. They act and God does something most never dreamed of. God does the impossible.

Many people however never act. They do not think their little idea can make a difference. They know it is needed and may even speak of how much they wished something could be done, but they never do it. For some, they may see how far it can go but do not think they have the skills or tools required to pull it off. The problem is they are only looking at themselves. They forget what God can do.

Here is a few reminders:

  • God took two fish and five loaves of bread and fed 5,000 people.
  • God caused a virgin to become with child.
  • God changed the world through just a few people willing to proclaim the gospel.

Whatever God has placed on your heart, I encourage you to do it. You may not think you can make much difference. Truth is, you cannot, but God can. God never asks us to be responsible for the results. God only asks us to do what he tells us to do.

So regardless of where you are today or what God is calling you to do, believe the impossible. As if the scriptures are not enough, history has proven to us God makes the impossible a reality.

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Toby Lofton

Pastor, Teacher, Author.

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