Belief Made Simple

Want to get more from Holy Week? Discover how the Passion story can renew forgiveness and inspire your faith.


Belief Made Simple:

A Holy Week Journey Into Discipleship

Struggling to understand why Christ died? Not sure you understand the crucifixion? Trying to find a way to grow in your faith during this critical season? As a retired Army chaplain, clinical pastor, and former adjunct professor of biblical studies, Dr. Toby Lofton brings over twenty years of experience guiding thousands through church leadership, individual counseling, and coaching. And now he’s here to share a fresh look at path to Calvary rekindling your sense of forgiveness and drawing you closer to Christ.

About Belief Made Simple

Belief Made Simple: A Holy Week Journey into Discipleship is an accessible, relatable, and confidence-building guide expanding your awareness of the power of the crucifixion. Using an easy-to-follow approach needing only a few minutes a day, Dr. Lofton’s practical teachings, effective exercises, and personal reflections mentor readers through understanding the passion of Jesus. If you’re looking for a new way to experience Holy Week, you’ll soon be filled with startling clarity and renewed hope.


You'll discover

  • The meaning of Holy Week
  • Why Jesus was crucified
  • How the final days of Jesus can inspire you
  • How to embrace Holy Week for spiritual growth
  • Daily devotions to transform your Christian path, and much, much more!

Belief Made Simple: A Holy Week Journey into Discipleship is a perfect match if you’re longing to open yourself up to the journey to the cross. If you like introspective guidance, engaging bible teaching, and scriptural readings, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s comprehensive resource.

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