Discover How to Pray for Your Church!

A study of the prayers in the Book of Acts that can change the way you pray for your church. The prayers of the early church were focused on the mission of the church. Praying like they prayed can lead your church to thrive again!


What’s Inside the Book?

What most churches are missing.

You must have a desire and you must do this critical thing that many churches just will not do. 

Who do you pray for?

Three categories of people in the church you should pray for daily. 

What do you pray for?

Five key aspects the early church prayed for that are a must in your prayers.

About the Author

Toby Lofton

Dr. Toby Lofton is the Founder of PrecisionFaith, a platform that helps others to follow Jesus Christ. His doctoral work created an Order that helped military chaplains recover, sustain, and strengthen their spirituality. Toby is a retired US Army Chaplain living in Mississippi with his wife. They have three adult children and six grandchildren.

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