Acts: Prayer That Can Change Your Church

Is your church struggling to keep its doors open? Discover the prayers used by Jesus’s disciples so it can survive and thrive.


Acts: Prayer That Can Change

Your Church

Has your parish been shrinking instead of expanding? Afraid you’ll soon be preaching to empty pews? Love your congregation but don’t know how to help spread the word? With over twenty-two years in ministry, retired Army chaplain Toby Lofton has helped churches of all sizes find renewed growth, excitement, and vitality. Now he’s here to share the ways Jesus teaches us to pray so that your worship center can fulfill its mission in alignment with Christ.

About Acts: Prayer

Acts: Prayer That Can Change Your Church is an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how to set your ministry up for success through precise petition to God. With straightforward language, this extensive resource helps you reflect on the specific invocations your congregation needs for increasing attendance and engagement. By using the same supplication style as Jesus’s first followers, you will be able to transform your religious community from diminishing to blossoming!

You'll discover

  • The exact prayers used by the disciples to ignite the change your parishioners need
  • Why prayer is central to your congregation’s longevity and how to use it effectively
  • The power that prayer held in the early days of Christianity and how to access it immediately
  • How to align yourself with the Great Commission to help your church flourish
  • How to re-energize your desire to follow Christ’s mandates for a more fulfilling worship experience, and much, much more!

Acts: Prayer That Can Change Your Church is the inspiring second installment in the PrecisionFaith Christian devotional series. If you like Bible-based advice, reflective discussion, and divine insight, then you’ll love Toby Lofton’s spiritual handbook.

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