May 26, 2021
Action! Not Words

In 1983 Def Leppard released an album with the song, Action! Not Words, included.

The words, “Action! Not words” are repeated in the chorus repeatedly.

While the song begins referring to making one’s own movie, the song is really about the physical expression of love.

Behind the lyrics is the assertion, “Do not tell me you love me. Show me.”

What does Def Leppard have to do with discipleship?

Discipleship is about belief. Disciples believe in Jesus. Disciples also believe Jesus. There is a difference.

Disciples believe the words of Jesus. Disciples believe the teachings of Jesus. Disciples believe Jesus enough to do what Jesus says.

Belief is action. Belief is not words.

Jesus taught the man who hears his words and does them is like the person who builds a house on a solid foundation. The rain comes. The wind blows. The house stands. 

In the same teaching, Jesus said the one who hears his words and does not do them is like a person who builds on sand. The rain comes. The wind blows. The house falls. 

Why does one house stand and another fall?

Action! Action! Not words.

Saying you believe in Jesus is not enough. Believe Jesus enough to do what Jesus says. 

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