Want to grow in your faith but the task seems overwhelming? Think to yourself that faith is out of your reach?

Consider the following two stories:

1. God called Abraham to leave the region of Ur and follow God to a land that would become his. There Abraham was to become a father to many nations.

Do you know how Abraham made it to the place God promised?

One step at a time. Each day Abraham put one foot in front of the other.

Abraham had no idea where God was leading him. Abraham just walked.

One step at a time.

2. God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. God told Moses to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let his people go.

How did Moses follow what God instructed him to do?

One step at a time. Each day Moses put one foot in front of the other.

Moses only had the God's word that what God said He was going to do was going to happen. There were many tasks and events involved for God’s promise to come true, but the only way to see it was to take one step at a time.

One step at a time.

You can grow in your faith. You can increase your discipleship. You can become who you know in your heart God wants to be. All you have to do is take one step at a time.

Don’t let the big picture overwhelm you. Just put your left foot in front of your right foot (literally and symbolically) and take one step at a time.

Faith does not have to be as difficult as we make it sometimes. Faith is really simple. Just walk with God. One foot in front of another. One step at a time.

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