Have a prayer request? Want to lift someone up in prayer?

As a Christian, it is normal to want to pray for others that you know are going through difficult times. Your heart reaches out to them.

A friend that is sick? You want to see them well.

Know someone going through a hard situation? You want to see them work through the problem positively.

You do what most Christians will do. You lift them up to God. You ask God to help them.

Before you ask God to do something, you should ask yourself this question:

Is the person I am praying for a Christian?

That question should be what you ask yourself before you ask God to do anything.

The answer to that question is going to determine how you pray and what you do next.

Sure, we want them to get well and have their problems resolved, but what is most important?

Next week we will explore what to do next. 

Want to know more about praying for others? Check out the daily devotional, Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray.

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