September 7, 2020

I must say that many of the trials I have endured have made me a better person. As it is said, it is not the victories that make a person. It is the defeats. Character is built through the struggles.

Sadly, for many, the character built isn’t the preferred character. Yet, even so, the struggle shaped them.

Sit down with someone with a less than desired character that was formed out of struggle. You will often find a deep, rich, person. You can find a person who knows the rawness of life. They are real. Genuine. Their attitude and behavior may not be desired, but they are very real people.

Such people are often called immature. I am not sure they are immature at all. They may be very mature. It is easy when you have everything you need and can get whatever want. When you have nothing and can’t get anything, life is much harder.

How easy it is to look down and condemn those less fortunate.

Jesus taught, "judge not, less you be judged."

Perhaps it is those with a character less desired, who have struggled through life, that have true endurance.

It makes me consider if the perceived struggles I have experienced were really trials at all. Maybe they were just problems I had to work through.   

"Be merciful," said Jesus.

Regardless of what trials we may enter, may they bring a perfect work in our lives.

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